Where to try out Traditional Czech Food

Czechia has a very traditional cuisine, with gravies and root vegetables, and some of their soups take center stage during the colder months. Let’s be honest here: you want traditional Czech cuisine in its best form and you did not travel to Prague to eat salad, but what are the classic Czech foods?

Fine Dining in Czech Republic Restaurants

Czech food doesn’t have the reputation French food has, but Czech dumplings and sauerkraut bring together some popular ingredients in Czech cuisine, with a large mug of Czech beer to wash it down with. Some restaurants have spent the last years trying to reintroduce the city to fresh ingredients and smartly designed spaces, such as […]

Tempt your Taste Buds with Czech Cuisine

Prague is unquestionably a cosmopolitan city with a general metropolitan atmosphere, offering delicacies of Czech and world cuisine on the Vltava. Eating out now offers far more range and satisfaction than ever, that is why we have chosen some Czech dishes to enjoy in Prague’s Old Town and beyond.

The 4 Best Restaurants in Prague

If you’ve chosen to travel to Prague, venture off the beaten path of the city, where the streets are dripping with history and great things to do and check out the popular attractions such as the Astronomical Clock or Prague Castle.