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Fine Dining in Czech Republic Restaurants

Czech food doesn’t have the reputation French food has, but Czech dumplings and sauerkraut bring together some popular ingredients in Czech cuisine, with a large mug of Czech beer to wash it down with. Some restaurants have spent the last years trying to reintroduce the city to fresh ingredients and smartly designed spaces, such as a Masonic lodge-turned-steakhouse (Kantýna) and a free-range rotisserie specialist (Grils). Nowadays you can find some of the most progressive restaurants with the latest fusion trends, although Prague is still maturing in terms of ‘fine dining’.


Here, we have unveiled the complete list of the most favorite and best fine dining restaurants from the Czech Republic. Ranging in variety, you can try a large choice of international cuisines of the newest trends, and the interiors of the majority of restaurants have been renovated, although many newcomers are following the latest trends. With a UNESCO landmark and a lively restaurant and bar scene, Olomouc, has a bit of everything, whether its own microbrewery is what you’re looking for, or a hip Czech pub.


Over the past decade the gastronomic reputation of this city was nothing to remember, unless you were a hot dog connoisseur looking at the never-ending tables of dumplings. If you are searching for fine dining establishments in Prague, let us not forget Czech food, with worldly flavors and fine ingredients, as restaurants nowadays are finding bohemian inspiration in classic recipes. Today eater heads to Prague to call out newish restaurants and share its picks for the city’s busiest openings with traditional Czech cuisine.


  1. Mlýnec, Prague

Dining in Mlynec Restaurant is a pleasure for the taste buds and the menu ranges from warm Prague ham with red lentil purée to roast duck with dumplings, serving a special Sunday Roast menu as well. The wine list includes Czech wines along with international ones, such as Moravian for dining in style on the summer terrace.


  1. Alcron Restaurant, Prague

The restaurant received excellent reviews for its mix of fresh seafood and frenches entrees, as one of only three restaurants in the Czech capital to hold a Michelin Star. Under Chef Roman Paulus, it is known for its seafood dishes including the likes of scallop ceviche and lobster bisque.


  1. La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

Because La Finestra focuses mainly on meat you will be able to choose a select piece that will be prepared for you as you wish, in a traditional and impressive way. We recommend trying one of La Finestra’s exceptional soups, with meat cappelletti and root vegetables, calamari sautém raisings, pistacchio and red wine sauce. This fine establishment is the mastermind of Riccardo Lucque, who specializes in traditional Italian cuisine following the motto of “simplicity, tradition and passion”. To sum it up, it is definitely one of the premiere contributions to the Prague culinary scene.


  1. Svatovaclavsky Pivovar, Olomuc

Beer is the country’s national drink, so you know that’s exactly what you’ll find at Olomouc’s Svatovaclavsky brewery: seven exciting varieties of beer on tap and a menu full of Czech classics with liquid hops.

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