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Tempt your Taste Buds with Czech Cuisine

Prague is unquestionably a cosmopolitan city with a general metropolitan atmosphere, offering delicacies of Czech and world cuisine on the Vltava. Eating out now offers far more range and satisfaction than ever, that is why we have chosen some Czech dishes to enjoy in Prague’s Old Town and beyond. Right now there is a food revolution taking place in the Czech Republic, as Czech chefs are challenging old classic recipes to show critics that it is a country to be reckoned with in the fine food landscape.


If you are truly interested in Czech cuisine, we will take you through some of the best local dishes so that will soon become an expert on all the goodies. The surrounding regions influenced Czech cuisine, and such was the case with Hungary which introduced goulash to the Czechs, but an own unique cultural flavor was added. You shouldn’t leave out the Czech pastry, as it will send your head spinning and won’t leave you hungry.


Everywhere you look, chefs are buying local products and recipes that can be more than a century old are revived, taking inspiration from other cuisines around the world. If you are familiar with Czech cuisine, you probably know by now that the Czech Republic offers some of the best opportunities to stuff your belly, as an essential part of every trip. Today it is easy to find excellent food, as the Czechs themselves have been quick to latch on new trends, taking enjoyment in really good food outside of their homes.


It seems there must have been some seriously cold winters back in the history of Central Europe, because the traditional Czech dish is heavily based on meats and carbs, as well as highly satisfying. The Czech Republic is home to a number of food festivals, as well. If you are to visit lots of places and also dine at restaurants in Prague, you will probably eat as much as you possibly can, as you will have some awakenings. The majority of Czech meals typically consist of a soup preceding the main dish which includes a portion of meat (pork, beef or game) and the popular dumplings as a side dish.


Svíčková na smetaně: the story goes that its name might either come from the shape of the tenderloin muscle, or the traditional banquet with candles, but everyone is welcome to form their own theory. It is a sirloin steak with a thick and kind of sweet sauce, usually served with bread dumplings and a spoonful of whipped cream. It varies in the size of the servings and it is a classic which includes cranberries, as well.


Vepřo-knedlo-zelo: this one comes with roast pork and sauerkraut (a vegetable).


Many of the popular European meals have their origin within the Czech lands, so grant yourself with the opportunity to taste the following delicacies you will fall in love with. The ultimate Czech dishes are usually very much meat based, so vegetables you will not find so much, perhaps only some stewed.

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