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Where to try out Traditional Czech Food

Czechia has a very traditional cuisine, with gravies and root vegetables, and some of their soups take center stage during the colder months. Let’s be honest here: you want traditional Czech cuisine in its best form and you did not travel to Prague to eat salad, but what are the classic Czech foods? When visiting Prague you seek out the very best Czech cuisine or modern interpretations of original Czech recipes.


One of the most common questions we get is where to try the local cuisine, because not all the options available are that great. The oldest restaurants will allow you to taste local cuisine, so we made an exhaustive list of places we like to visit for eating traditional Czech food. One way to find out is to serve Czech classics which are matching the deliciousness that our beloved grandmas used to serve us albeit with a modern twist.


We’re referring to Czech food, with dishes such as traditional roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut or savory apple strudel, whichever local food your pick. In order to not end up with an inferior product advertised as “traditional” Czech cuisine, we recommend that you skip some of the restaurants. You will notice that there are many people wanting to try new cuisines which may be fast, and pretty much everybody likes it.


But below we have prepared a list of our favorite restaurants with classic Czech foods for traditional cuisine that reminds us of our childhood, delicious and addictive, although there won’t be many. If you’re visiting this delightful city, here are some Prague restaurants or pubs you should not miss.


  1. Cestr

Steak tartare is a traditional glorious Czech food and the guests of Prague often fear it, only to end up asking for seconds. We keep coming back for the beef steak tartare at Cestr, where the meat is premixed with onions and oil and served with a sous-vide cooked quail egg and the perfect companion is some freshly poured Pilsner. It is raw beef that is cut or minced served with an egg on top, eaten with toasted bread and garlic.


  1. Lokal

Don’t let the seemingly worn interior scare you away because you’ll find classic food here. While the first one opened five years ago, now there are five Lokals spread around the city which have revived classic Czech local pubs, with a focus on Pilsner Urquell beer and traditional Czech dishes. It’s not a restaurant, so don’t expect pleasantries from the staff, only quick service, and we recommend you make a reservation. For dessert, try a Czech classic.


  1. Cafes around Prague city center

When people think about what to eat in Prague, you can only offer them some Palačinky – an ideal treat for those with a sweet tooth, thin Czech pancakes that are typically rolled up and served with fillings such as fruit or nuts. This delightful snack can be found easily around the city, especially during the festive periods when it is sold at the Christmas markets.

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